Why do I need consent and how do I get it?

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Users must opt-in to anything you want to do with their personal data. Until a user gives you their affirmative consent, you cannot collect any data. Not even analytics (unless it is 100% anonymized).

By default, this plugin comes with a required Privacy Policy consent that users need to agree before registering to the site. You can also register as many consent options as you would like.

Navigate to GDPR > Settings > Consents, type the name of the consent you want to create and click Add Consent.

You can set the consent to be a required or not. In general, you would want to keep everything except your privacy policy, optional. Everything must be well explained in an easy to read format in your Privacy Policy.

Add a consent message that briefly explains what that consent is for and how you use it.
Add a registration message. This is the message that appears when users are registering through the WordPress registration form.

From here you can keep adding more consent options or save your current settings.

Next Steps

Now that you’ve registered your consent options, you need to make them actually work the way they should.

You can find out how to save user consent on registration here: Save user consent using a custom registration form

You can read more on how to check if a user has given certain consent or if a cookie is allowed here: Enabling or disabling functionality based on Consent and Cookies