WordPress Plugin Features

Consent Management

Build loyalty with user consent & re-consent management for your Terms of Service, Privacy Policies, and create custom granular consent preferences for users to control.

Cookie Preference Management

Advocate for transparency and manage cookie preferences that users can control or opt-out of when visiting your website.

Rights to Erasure

Build confidence with the right to be forgotten and erase or anonymize user data from your WordPress website and plugins when a request is made.

Right to Access

Build trust with the right to access data and manage user requests for visualization or provide an export of the data.

Right to Portability

Provide the tools for users to request their data through double opt-in confirmations and export the contents in a JSON or XML format for portability.

Encrypted Audit Logs

Track and log all user activity from consent through to notifications, including deletion requests and data recovery with encrypted and secure audit logs.

Data Breach Notifications

Advocate for security with data breach notification logs through double opt-in confirmation and generate affected user segments for breach notifications.


Keep your content with anonymizing user data on deletion requests or re-assign content to other site user roles.

Telemetry Data

Identify website data being transmitted by plugins to 3rd party destinations with telemetry, providing the details for consent.

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